April to June Japan E-commerce Calendar 2024

Published on: April 3, 2024

Japan E-commerce Marketing Calendar- April to June

The second quarter of the year, stretching from the cherry blossom-adorned streets of April to the pitter-patter of June’s rainy season, presents a unique canvas for brands in Japan.

Our guide will lead you through the vibrant landscape of Q2′ e-commerce calendar in Japan, showcasing the major events and the subtle yet significant changes in weather and consumer mood that characterise these 3 months.


April's Marketing Highlights

April in Japan brings more than just the picturesque sight of cherry blossoms and the promise of warmer days — it’s a time of fresh starts and new opportunities. As the fiscal and academic years kick off, both companies and consumers are in a mindset of renewal, making it an opportune moment for brands to introduce new products or services.

April Fools' Day

The first day of April is no ordinary day in Japan — it’s a playground for creativity. Japanese companies have perfected the art of captivating audiences with humorous and imaginative stunts that often become the talk of the town.

April to June Japan E-commerce Calendar 2024 - April Fools Audi
Audi Japan debuts A8 5.5 with built-in rice cooker feature.

For brands, April Fools’ Day is the perfect occasion to showcase a lighter, playful side, crafting innovative content that cuts through the digital noise and leaves a lasting impression.

Cherry Blossom Season

Mid-March to early April marks the start of the sakura (cherry blossom) season, a time when both locals and tourists flock to parks for hanami (flower-viewing) picnics and parties. This period is not only significant for tourism but also for retail, as companies roll out cherry blossom-themed products and promotions.

The cherry blossom season is deeply embedded in Japan’s cultural psyche, symbolising the transient beauty of life. For brands, creating campaigns that respect and embrace the sakura theme can forge meaningful connections with both Japanese and international audiences, making it a pivotal moment for culturally sensitive marketing initiatives.

April to June Japan E-commerce Calendar 2024
AEON MALL spring sales campaign 2024

Spring Thanks Sale (春の感謝セール)

The Spring Thanks Sale is not just a clearance event for winter stock but a celebration of the new season’s arrival. With deals on everything from fashion to home electronics, it’s a chance for consumers to refresh their livestyles with the latest trends and products.

Brands can capitalise on this desire for renewal by offering special promotions that align with the spirit of spring, from wardrobe updates to home makeovers.

May's Marketing Highlights

May is a month of celebrations in Japan. It brings warmer weather across Japan, becoming more comfortable in the north, mild conditions in central Japan, and warm and humid weather in the south.

Golden Week (黄金週間)

Golden Week (or ‘GW’) lights up the calendar as a major highlight for anyone looking to capture the hearts of Japanese consumers. This cluster of holidays kicks off with Showa Day and wraps up with Children’s Day, turning early May into a prime time for travel and leisure.

The tourism industry, in particular, finds a golden opportunity to entice adventurers with enticing deals on flights, accommodations, and experiences, capitalising on the nation’s collective itch to explore.

April to June Japan E-commerce Calendar 2024 - Amazon JP Golden Week
Amazon Japan's Golden Week sale occurs before the holidays so consumers can plan ahead.

Beyond travel, Golden Week energises various sectors.

The anticipation of a week-long holiday drives a surge in demand for travel essentials and leisure products. From the latest tech gadgets to enhance vacation experiences to outdoor equipment for the adventurous spirit, this period is ripe for businesses to showcase solutions that promise to elevate the travel experience.

Children's Day (こどもの日, Kodomo-no-Hi)

On May 5, Japan pays tribute to the well-being and happiness of its youngest citizens. The skies are adorned with koinobori (鯉のぼり), vibrant carp-shaped windsocks that dance in the wind, each symbolising the desire for children’s success and resilience. 

This is a prime moment for brands to dial into the family vibe, with a focus on products and initiatives that celebrate the joy of childhood.

June's Marketing Highlights

As the calendar turns to June, Japan welcomes the rainy season, known as tsuyu, marking a time of transition and introspection. While the persistent drizzle might dampen outdoor activities, it opens up a realm of opportunities for brands to engage with consumers seeking comfort and entertainment indoors.

This period of gentle rains and lush greenery isn’t just a meteorological shift. It’s a cultural moment that shapes Japanese consumer behaviour and opens new avenues for brands to connect on a deeper level.

Rainy Season (梅雨, Tsuyu)

Tsuyu brings with it a cozy invitation to stay indoors, presenting a golden opportunity for brands to cater to the homebound. This shift sparks a surge in demand for products that enhance the indoor living experience. Home entertainment systems and streaming services boasting the latest binge-worthy series become the centrepiece of leisure activities. Meanwhile, compact home gym equipment, cozy home decor like scented candles, alongside DIY kits, rise in popularity, offering a blend of relaxation and playful creativity.

For brands, this period is ripe for showcasing how their products or services can add warmth and enjoyment to the rainy days.

April to June Japan E-commerce Calendar 2024 - Tsuyu
Jill Stuart's 'Something Pure Blue' collection perfectly encapsulates June's essence.

June Brides

Despite the grey skies, June sparkles with the joy and optimism of wedding season, buoyed by the romantic allure of becoming a “June Bride.”

The post-rain freshness and the lush surroundings create a perfect setting for wedding celebrations. This season witnesses a peak in demand for wedding essentials – from the dream dress and professional photography to idyllic honeymoon destinations.

With travel taking a backseat due to the weather, local destinations and venues become more accessible, allowing couples to plan their dream wedding with ease. Marketing strategies that emphasise the magic and distinctiveness of a June wedding in Japan can attract those planning their big day.

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