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Compliance & Regulatory

Trust that your brand is positioned correctly to succeed in a dynamic regulatory landscape.

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Regulatory reporting just needs to get done right. At WPIC, our regulatory and compliance services are comprehensive and ensure our clients are meeting the latest government and agency requirements in Asia.

We help you keep pace and get in front of regulatory and operational pressures.

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An ICP (Internet Content Provider) license confirms the legitimacy of your website in China’s digital space. Without it, your site may be blocked. Registration is only available for residents of China. 

Our China-based online retail and merchant licenses provide local ICP applications and compliance systems that your brand can utilize as a proxy.


Given the complexities regarding inter-governmental requirements, our legal consulting division can help you determine your legal responsibilities and filing obligations.


Depending on the regulatory requirements of your fund and jurisdiction, we can ensure you are on side and in compliance with all applicable laws and covenants. 


Ensure your brand is fully protected in China’s “first to file” legal system.

We file your trademarks with the China Trademark Office, enabling your brand to products under that trademark.

IP Infringement

Our consulting services eradicate trademark and copyright infringement in the market to protect your brand.

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Featured work

We are in the business of results. Take a look at some of our work in Asia, or get in touch to learn about how we did it.

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Working with WPIC means exposure to all areas of operations, whether that’s customer service, administrative, or regulatory.

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