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Market Insights

Gain a competitive edge. Our data-driven market intelligence empowers you to navigate the intricate Asian landscape with precision and confidence.

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Know your audience

Stay ahead of the curve with our Asia market insights.

Powered by our custom-built Discripto® technology, our customized data solutions are tailored to the Asia-Pacific market, providing you with unparalleled industry insights to keep you ahead of the game in China, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.

Become customer-centric

Brands that prioritize the needs of their customers tend to have better profits, sales growth, and customer loyalty. At WPIC, we use data-driven market analysis to help brands understand what people in Asia are looking for at a category, sub-category, and SKU levels.

Stand out from the competition

Competition is high in Asia, particularly in fast-moving markets where customers often shop around. A brand that understands its customer and the marketplace will always have a competitive edge.

We pull insights to show the areas in which you can compete, play on your strengths, and differentiate yourself. Make strategic moves to beat your competition. 

Tailored-made insights based on your needs

We will work with you to make the most of your market research budget and help you focus on what really matters.

From qualitative to quantitative, our Asia market insights covers a range of parameters, from macroeconomic data to hyper-specific insights into individual brands and SKUs.

Stay ahead, stay relevant

Customer needs and behaviour in Asia are constantly changing. Only regular data-driven market insights will give you comprehensive and actionable insights into the behaviour, motivations, and needs of your audience.

By adapting and evolving your brand, you can meet the changing demands of your customers — we can help you work out how.

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Featured work

We are in the business of results. Take a look at some of our market insights work in Asia, or get in touch to learn about how we did it.

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Working with WPIC means exposure to all areas of data and analytics, whether that’s business strategy, market insights, or monitoring.

Latest articles

Read about industry trends, news, and opinions from our Asia data and analytics experts.

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