Abe and AI Adoption: Why Japan’s economic outlook is bright and why global brands are looking East for additional markets

Japan economic growth Though displaced by China as the world’s second-largest economy, the Land of the Rising Sun’s iconic global brands and technological prowess, coupled with business-friendly political leadership will ensure Japan’s economic standing on the world stage doesn’t disappear anytime soon. Shinzo Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister, was elected largely based on campaign promises to reviv… more

SME’s and 3PL solutions in China

Third party logistics in China If you’re a massive organization like Amazon or Alibaba, your capacity to penetrate international markets exceeds that of the vast majority of smaller companies looking to do the same. Of course, most organizations aren’t Amazon or Alibaba. Luckily for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) looking to break into international markets- China’s trillion-dollar… more

The Battle for Japan: The future of Rakuten and Amazon.JP

Amazon vs Rakuten Rakuten is making a push towards making greater inroads in North America, attempting to challenge Amazon’s ubiquity in the e-commerce market, much like the latter has done to the Japanese incumbent in its home country this past decade. But how are those efforts going and what will the Japanese e-commerce landscape (Amazon vs Rakuten) look like in the next few years? In 201… more

WPIC VP of E-Commerce, Sally Zhang, Discusses Lead Up to 11/11 2019

In the lead up to China (and the world’s) busiest shopping day, WPIC’s VP of E-commerce, Sally Zhang, joins once more to talk about what some of the emerging trends are in China’s digital space. Sally is a Certified Tmall and Taobao Lecturer with Alibaba’s Taobao University, where she trains businesses how to win on China’s leading e-commerce platforms and drive revenue for their brands. WPI… more

[Infographic] Annual food market in China

Interested in learning more about the state of online food sales in China? Take a look through WPIC's data to better understand the latest trends in China's dynamic food market.  … more

How to Set Up a Tmall Store

So, data has told you that your product has enough of a market on Tmall and your company has decided to make the investment. Now what? How do you start selling on China’s most popular e-commerce platform? There are several concrete steps you need to take, and, perhaps even more importantly, a few common mistakes to avoid.  In order to ensure your brand is seeing growth in revenues as soon as po… more

WPIC VP of E-Commerce Sally Zhang Discusses Emerging Trends among Chinese Consumers

As Summer 2019 comes to a close, we sat down with WPIC’s VP of E-Commerce, Sally Zhang, to talk about some of the trends she is seeing emerging from China’s e-commerce space. As a Certified Tmall and Taobao Lecturer with Alibaba’s Taobao University, Sally trains businesses how they can leverage China’s leading e-commerce platforms to grow market share and drive revenue for their brands. With fe… more

The oracle no longer lives in a cave, it lives in the numbers

What AI means to the future of e-commerce and why most companies aren’t prepared for it The concept of the oracle is widespread throughout human history. From ancient China to Classical Greece, beings who possessed predictive wisdom were sought out to offer consultative advice on matters of war, love and governance.  Modern societies have — thankfully — moved away from putting their faith in… more