Data and security in China: The top 3 must-dos

For companies operating in China, the security of sensitive corporate data is of utmost concern, just as it is anywhere in the world. The Cybersecurity Law of the People’s Republic of China was enacted in 2017 and raised more than a few North American eyebrows with its infamous Article 37, which states that data, including personal information, must be stored within China’s borders. Failure to com… more

Expansion into China, Part One: The first 2 Steps

Any company looking to grow its sales internationally will either already be in Asia or is giving that market serious attention. With its youth, digital savvy and affinity with mobile technologies, the Asia-Pacific region is proving to be one of the most powerful consumer markets in the world. While the APAC opportunity has been recognized by brands large and small, expansion into China differs pr… more

How do I advertise on WeChat?

As the leading social media network among Chinese consumers, there is no doubt that your brand needs to be advertising on WeChat to be effective in market. But once you’ve made the decision to establish your brand’s presence on WeChat, where do you begin? Setting up an account on WeChat is a great start to participating in Chinese social media. With an accelerating number of users on the platfo… more

Interesting facts about China and its economy

Everyone knows that China is the world’s most populous county with more than 1.4 Billion residents as of 2019, but beyond demographics, the country’s economy is one of the most dynamic and interesting in the world. How do you grow your business in China? What does that mean for Western businesses? How should Western businesses approach their opportunity in China? Here are a few lesser-known fac… more

The Great Firewall of China: What do businesses need to know?

If your business is contemplating expanding into Mainland China, one thing you need to be mindful of is the Great Firewall, which is the infrastructure (legal and technical) that regulates the domestic Internet. It’s what allows the government to slow down cross-border Internet traffic and control access to select websites; it’s also what prevents the average Chinese consumer from accessing Google… more

What is Baidu?

It’s hard to imagine a world where Google isn’t the king of search. For years people in the West have relied on Google and its various sister programs for assistance in their everyday lives. Google has grown to become much more than just a search engine. Users rely on it not only to find information but also as a powerful language translating platform, a highly accurate and detailed navigation too… more