besins healthcare



Strategic decision-making within a vast and evolving market requires robust and accurate data, analyzed and delivered on a timely basis. This is fundamental to successfully pursuing Chinese markets.

Business Problem

Besins Healthcare required a clear understanding of the opportunities for its product lines, as well as competitor intelligence and an effective positioning strategy.



WPIC’s distributed script engine, Discripto, is able to extract millions of data points from the Internet by utilizing robots to navigate virtual space and record data. After defining search methodology and parameters, WPIC deployed Discripto and information such as competitor supply and demand levels, pricing, and traffic were captured and analyzed.

The best and worst practices of Besins Healthcare’s competitors were outlined to leverage strategic marketing decisions. WPIC also uncovered channel conflict risks and identified product rollout options. Besins Healthcare’s positioning strategy was segmented into varying opportunities such as high demand, lowest cost-per-conversion, least competitive, and more.


Besins Healthcare received proven data, concise reports and a clear view of the market and competitive landscape, which in turn provided a solid foundation for strategic decision making.

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