Founded in 2018, Clearway Law connects the public to lawyers by leveraging a website that features information and posts for over 80,000 lawyers in Canada. It then allows the public to leave reviews for those lawyers on its site. This innovative solution was the first of its kind in Canada, and has led to greater transparency across the Canadian legal market.

In 2020, Clearway Law China, a company based in Beijing, approached WPIC Marketing + Technologies about developing and launching a dedicated website for the Chinese market.

CEO Alistair Vigier felt it was time to start bringing value to the Chinese legal industry. The goal was to get permission from the Chinese government for the website, build the site, and then start working towards adding all of the working lawyers in China to the platform. Then, WPIC would need to work to drive traffic to the site.

Business Problem

Clearway needed a new, dedicated .CN website that would be localized with relevant content, optimized for conversions in the market, and hosted inside the Chinese firewall, in order to be readily accessible to the Chinese public.

Because the global (.com) website took more than 60 seconds to load inside of China each time a user logged on, hosting outside the Firewall was not a viable option.



WPIC defined, designed, developed, and deployed a dedicated .CN website in China, creating all of the content in Chinese.

As part of the site build, WPIC conducted sitemap and UX optimizations for the website. The site’s map and UX were revised and updated to follow best practices in the legal industry, while also considering the business strategies of Clearway Law China.

Then, WPIC custom-developed a lawyer “search” function for the website to make the experience more seamless and easier to navigate for visitors. The site’s code was also built to make sure that the public could instantly connect with lawyers in an automated manner.

Next, WPIC executed brand strategy and localization for Clearway. A China-specific brand strategy was developed that focused on the concept of “Easy + Trusted” in order to resonate with the needs and preference of the Chinese target audience. WPIC then developed tailored copywriting that aligned with the over-arching brand strategy.

To drive traffic and awareness, WPIC is currently running a content marketing and SEO program for Clearway China, helping the website rank highly within organic search, by catering to the preferences of Baidu’s web crawler.

Last, WPIC filed for an Internet Content Provider (ICP) license for Clearway China to allow the organization to host inside the Firewall.


With the website complete, Clearway is now adding 650,000 lawyers in China to its platform. The website is optimized, localized, accessible inside of China with rapid load-times for the public, and ultimately, driving business for Clearway Law.

At the conclusion of the project, Clearway Law CEO Alistair Vigier said: “WPIC has been a fantastic partner for Clearway Law. From the beginning of this project, WPIC have been thoroughly professional, diligent, and have leveraged every tool at their disposal to ensure effective online deployment and broader success in China for our business. We look forward to working with WPIC for years to come,”

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