WPIC Marketing + Technologies was approached by Eddie Bauer to conduct a thorough market assessment and provide essential, data-backed insight into the opportunities available in China.

Business Problem

Hundreds of thousands of data points were pulled from a comprehensive list of competitors on Tmall to provide a database of performance logistics. These underlined where competitors stood in the market and highlighted their performance in each sector.



Using state of the art technology, WPIC performed a total digital and social audit. This analysis of the market provided a clear indication of local tastes and preferences. WPIC then pinpointed a strategic plan that would ensure UX was optimized. WPIC concluded that most direct competitors had Chinese sites hosted in China, allowing users to access information without limitation.

The robust go-to-market strategy WPIC produced gave a detailed account of competitors’ best and worst practices. Analyzing competitors’ digital assets allowed WPIC to pinpoint where the demand lay in the market; this ensured only the most profitable and popular products were distributed and avoided the allocation of resources to products with a low ROI.

Utilizing Discripto Market Insight technology, WPIC produced an in-depth analysis of marketing opportunities with tactical recommendations. The availability of Iow-hanging fruit keywords became apparent with plenty of space to leapfrog into the top
10. WPIC then recommended a keyword strategy which ensured top rankings through a selection of high-traffic keywords with low

WPIC delivered a deep sentiment analysis of interaction, comments and Q&A and how to access Eddie Bauer’s active online target audience. WPIC generated a targeted list of recommended KOLs and suggested media partners that operate within the China outdoor apparel industry, A new article dissemination calendar was recommended to quickly boost digital presence.

WPIC provided an extensive list of social media campaigns guaranteed to boost activity. Weibo and WeChat allow a direct circulation of vital data to and from customers. An extensive scrape of competitors social platforms allowed WPIC to review who was active, and where.


Set trends and boost market growth with clear and specific China market insights and see your revenue climb.

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