How can I expand my brand into China?

A brand’s successful expansion into China depends on myriad factors. Understanding demography and cultural differences is a key component. This needs to be complemented with relevant legal and administrative components, in addition to understanding where and how your brand fits in the market.

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How does China’s Great Firewall affect digital tools?

The Chinese government has built a virtual barrier between its domestic internet and that of the rest of the world. The “Great Firewall” has massive implications for Western brands looking to do business in China. Organizations must adapt to this reality in order to succeed and drive growth.

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Does Google Analytics work in China?

Brands relying on analytics to help drive growth and brand awareness will need to adapt to doing business behind the Great Firewall. Google Analytics is not the answer in China, but there are alternatives.

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How can I host my website in China?

Selling to China works better when you’re selling from within China. Creating a .cn website will allow for load times roughly 4x faster than websites operating from outside the Great Firewall. Most importantly, it will establish a level of familiarity with Chinese consumers that a .com website cannot. Learn more about how to launch your website in China.

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Does Google work in China? What is Baidu?

Baidu is the most popular search engine in China and one of the largest companies in the world. Its layout and functionalities (search engine, email service, language translator and mapping service) have earned it the moniker “Chinese Google”. Consistent growth over the better parts of two decades, and a reputation as one of China’s tech darlings make baidu an essential advertising platform for your brand. Read about how you can make Baidu work for you.

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How do I launch a Baidu SEO and PPC campaign?

Any global brand serious about selling to China will quickly understand the value in an effective Baidu campaign. But reaching Baidu’s 700 million users requires technical tact. From round-the-clock customer service to campaign optimization, we lay out four crucial tips for running a successful Baidu campaign.

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How can brands market their products on WeChat?

Couple the enormity of its user base with Chinese consumers’ penchant for mobile e-commerce, and it becomes clear that understanding how to effectively advertise and navigate WeChat is essential for any company looking to do business in China.

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What is Xiaohongshu?

The next generation of consumers has arrived—unlocking the power of the platforms they prefer is essential to success. Xiaohongshu is a lifestyle focussed social media platform for which 70% of its user base are born after 1999. The platform takes the power of Instagram and Pinetrest and supercharges it with e-commerce functionality. Learn everything you need to know about Xiaohongshu and how to unlock its power.

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What is Juhuasuan? Does Groupon work in China?

Flash sales promoting heavily discounted products and a focus on lower-tiered cities make Alibaba’s Juhuasuan one the most important e-commerce platforms for selling to China. This marketing and group-buying help platform can help brands with a presence on Tmall and Taobao achieve better results and expand brand awareness. See how the right Tmall partner can help your brand stick out on Juhuasuan.

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