Transform your food and beverage business into an online powerhouse in APAC.

Whether you’re partnering with powerful e-commerce platforms or engaging directly with your customers in the market, bring high quality, high-value food and beverage items to hundreds of billions of consumers.

Ensure that your organization is leaning on cutting edge digital trends and technology across APAC to make the most of the opportunity in front of you.

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Selected Case Studies


For the OpenSnap app to dominate the Chinese app stores, OpenRice required insight and understanding of the Chinese mobile app landscape. more

Latitude 28°

Latitude 28° Produce leans on powerful technology tools like e-commerce, advanced data analysis, augmented reality, and blockchain to allow Australian agro-producers to sell their products to Chinese consumers. more


No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Youtube. The social media environment in China is it’s own species and demands a unique approach. United States Meat and Export Federation (USMEF) approached WPIC to accelerate their presence in the China meat market. WPIC built the infrastructure and design and developed a fast loading, bilingual website tailored to target specific market sectors. more

Fruit D’or

Fruit D’or is a Quebec-based company that specializes in the processing of berries. A Canadian organization that has been in business for over 20 years, they rank first worldwide in growing organic cranberries, and second as an organic wild blueberry processor. more

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