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WPIC Launches APAC E-commerce Accelerator Program

May 15, 2023

BEIJING and VANCOUVER — May 15, 2023 WPIC Marketing + Technologies, a leading e-commerce consultancy, is excited to announce the launch of its APAC E-commerce Accelerator Program. This innovative one-stop solution enables international consumer brands to enter nine high-growth APAC markets within 90 days and tap into the enormous growth potential of the region.

WPIC’s APAC E-commerce Accelerator Program enables brands to activate on the leading e-commerce platforms of China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysiawith unprecedented speed. Brands enrolled in the program will be able to capitalize on WPIC’s streamlined deployment capabilities and use a single-source inventory and ERP for the entire region, saving time and resources.

“We are thrilled to launch the APAC E-commerce Accelerator Program and provide a comprehensive solution for brands looking to expand into the Asia-Pacific region,” said Joseph Cooke, President at WPIC Marketing + Technologies. “With our deep expertise and strategic partnerships, we are confident that our program will empower brands to seize the enormous opportunities in these high-growth e-commerce markets.”

WPIC’s strategic partnerships with leading e-commerce platforms—including Tmall, JD, RED, Douyin, WeChat, Rakuten, Amazon.jp, Naver, Coupang, Lazada, and Shopee—will enable brands to quickly activate their presence in each market. Through the program, brands will benefit from WPIC’s local expertise and connections without having to engage with multiple platforms across each market.

Moreover, WPIC’s integrated approach covers digital store operations, creative marketing, logistics, and customer service, eliminating the need for brands to deal with multiple vendors. Data-driven strategies enable WPIC to tailor marketing and content to resonate with diverse consumer bases in each market, while WPIC’s partnership ethos and proprietary store dashboard gives brands full visibility into their APAC program.

The Asia-Pacific region, which accounts for over two-thirds of global e-commerce spending, offers phenomenal growth opportunities for brands. APAC e-commerce sales are projected to reach $2.5 trillion next year, with a 10% growth rate over the next five years. By partnering with WPIC and entering multiple APAC markets simultaneously, brands can capitalize on this tremendous growth and secure a foothold in one of the world’s most lucrative e-commerce landscapes.

For more information on the accelerator program, contact us at info@wpic.co or visit www.wpic.co.

About WPIC Marketing + Technologies:

WPIC Marketing + Technologies drives market expansion for global brands in China, Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia through data, analytics, e-commerce solutions, marketing, logistics, compliance, essential support services, and more. WPIC has successfully deployed and grown over 650+ brands across APAC.

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