Partner with a China e-commerce agency that drives results and continuously improves your store’s performance.

Lean on WPIC’s China e-commerce software. See how each of your stores are performing in the world’s most important markets— then adjust and optimize.

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E-commerce dashboard

See how each e-commerce store is performing in the world’s most important markets.

Over 200 brands leverage WPIC’s China e-commerce software to conduct e-commerce tracking in China and keep track of their marketplace metrics in real-time. WPIC’s e-commerce dashboard features:

Central dashboard

WPIC’s monitoring solutions give users an overview of period performance data for the most important metrics inside the market.


➜ What are the top performing brands on China’s most popular shopping holiday? Look at this infographic to find out.



Order tracking

WPIC’s e-commerce analytics software provides in-depth order tracking information, including:

  • Order by order tracking
  • Basket details
  • Selling price
  • Confirmation / failure codes.

Inventory and top selling analysis

Ensure that your China e-commerce agency is monitoring the performance of your stores in the market and optimizing based on the information you receive.

WPIC’s e-commerce analysis and tracking software makes that process simpler, thanks to real-time data on:

  • Inventory per SKU
  • Listing price
  • Links to stores
  • Movement / turnover details
  • Automatic alerts on low-inventory item


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Trend analysis

Compare short and long term performance and leverage those insights to optimize- WPIC’s e-commerce analysis tool identifies trends and gives companies a micro and macro view of their stores.

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