How to Use WeChat & Weibo to Drive Growth in China

Last updated on April 24, 2024

How Can Brands Be Successful on WeChat & Weibo

Social media plays a crucial role in shaping consumer decisions in China, influencing choices across various aspects such as travel destinations, product purchases, and event participation. Chinese consumers heavily rely on social media as a point of reference to keep up with their friends and the activities of their favourite influencers on these platforms. This aspect greatly influences their decision-making process.

For brands aiming to thrive in China, engaging with this highly active audience is vital. Among the numerous social media channels in China, Weibo stands out as a major player since its launch in 2009, boasting over 500 million registered users. Similarly, WeChat, introduced in 2011, has a massive user base exceeding 1 billion.

So, how can global brands effectively harness the power of WeChat and Weibo to their advantage?

4 tips on being successful on WeChat and Weibo:

1. Effective planning is a core step.

A well-defined plan of action plays a crucial role in the marketing process, helping brands make important decisions such as choosing the right platform and identifying the target audience. Effective planning enables organizations to allocate their resources more efficiently, engage with social media users in a smarter manner, and attract more followers.

Weibo offers multiple options for organizations to promote themselves through paid, owned, and earned media. On the other hand, WeChat is more selective and only allows certain avenues for promotion. This approach ensures that users have an authentic experience while using the app.

How should brands move forward?

They need to determine what type of content will benefit both the audience and the business the most. They should also identify where their target audience is located and then plan and execute their marketing strategies accordingly.

2. Create high-quality, optimized content for the platform.

To capture Chinese consumer’s interest and, potentially, their spending, it is crucial to create high-quality content for online consumption and share valuable posts at the right times.

China Business Review recommends leveraging popular conversation topics and social events to drive engagement. Marketing teams can achieve this by using effective techniques such as storytelling, video production, and native advertising. It’s important to note that there is a strong correlation between low-quality posts and users unfollowing brands.

In order to succeed, it’s essential to listen to your audience, understand their preferences and needs, and establish a genuine connection with them. Create content that is both valuable and of top-notch quality, providing real value to your users.

3. Take advantage of rich media functionalities to engage active users.

To boost engagement effectively, it’s essential to use the right platforms and channels for distributing high-quality content. Take time to explore popular social channels and active communities. Then, get creative and deliver your content directly to your target audience.

There are several options available.

How to Use WeChat & Weibo to Drive Growth in China - WeChat Mini Program
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You can create a WeChat mini program to offer valuable business services, or you can craft an informative article that has a higher chance of being shared on Weibo. The nature of your organization’s industry will help determine the specific mediums and tools that are likely to generate the most interest.

4. Track data and re-invest in successful social tactics.

Communication trends in various areas are constantly changing in China. It’s crucial to understand that successful marketing, whether on social media or other platforms, often requires repeated interactions to inspire action. Simply relying on one-time advertisements or informative discussions may not yield the desired results. Instead, by creating multiple high-quality touchpoints and continuously engaging with social media users, campaigns can leave a lasting impression, motivating them to take action.

In the present landscape, your marketing efforts face fierce competition from numerous other branded messages. To stand out, you need to elevate your approach, identify your target audience, and gain a deeper understanding of their preferences. Crafting engaging content that resonates with them is essential.

durex weibo account
Durex’s bold marketing tactics have helped it build an impressive presence on Weibo.

By analyzing tracked data and optimizing your strategies, businesses can effectively connect with their desired audiences according to their preferences.

Successfully engaging with social media users, whether in the Western world or China, largely relies on understanding the end users themselves. It’s essential to consider their preferences, digital behaviour, and motivations. Implementing a solid plan with quality content and data-driven actions, along with a mix of other strategies, can position businesses for success when marketing on China’s most popular social platforms.

Key Takeaways

When it comes to engaging and reaching social media users, whether in the Western world or in China, the key lies in understanding the end user. This understanding involves their preferences, digital footprints, and motivations.

To achieve success, a robust plan that incorporates high-quality content and data-driven actions is crucial. By adopting this approach, businesses can position themselves for success while marketing on China’s most popular social platforms.

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