Japan e-commerce marketing trends: What are the critical differences between Japanese and Western consumers in e-commerce?

What should brands know about the Japan e-commerce market and what makes it unique? As more and more of the world has entered the digital space in the last few decades, consumers have evolved to perform most of their activities online. Perhaps more than any other aspect of life, consumer behaviour has been especially altered by the Internet; online shopping is now how billions of people the wor… more

Interesting facts about China’s economy

China economy facts and how your brand can take advantage to spur growth   Everyone knows that China is the world’s most populous county with more than 1.4 Billion residents as of 2019, but beyond demographics, the country’s economy is one of the most dynamic and interesting in the world. How can you leverage information about China's economy to grow your business in the market? What d… more

What is the Great Firewall of China: What do businesses need to know?

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What is Baidu?

It’s hard to imagine a world where Google isn’t the king of search. For years people in the West have relied on Google and its various sister programs for assistance in their everyday lives. Google has grown to become much more than just a search engine. Users rely on it not only to find information but also as a powerful language translating platform, a highly accurate and detailed navigation too… more