WPIC Vice President of E-Commerce Sally Zhang discusses Chinese summer promotional holidays

As we find ourselves halfway through the Summer of 2019, and with major shopping events like 6/18 and QiXi in the rear-view mirror, WPIC’s VP of E-Commerce, Sally Zhang, sat down with WPIC’s marketing team to share some of the lessons she has learned this year from both her work in spearheading the Chinese campaigns of some of the world’s leading brands, and the insights she has acquired in her ro… more

China tech tools: Which business tools do and do not work behind the Great Firewall? What are the alternatives?

With a population of roughly 1.4 billion and an e-commerce market valued at over $1 trillion USD, China represents a massive opportunity to companies around the world.   However, as any company who has tried to enter the Chinese market will know, the government of the PRC exercises significant control over the domestic Internet, which means it can be especially difficult for businesses to enter… more

Expanding business to China, part two

Expanding business to China: what next steps should companies take? In this second installment of a three-part series, WPIC Marketing + Technologies reviews essential steps that brands need to take to expand business to China and tackle the Chinese market effectively and profitably. As attractive as the APAC market is, it does come with its fair share of administrative procedures, some of… more

Data protection in China: The top 3 must-dos

What should companies concerned with data protection in China do to operate securely while maintaining compliance with local law?   For companies operating in China, the security of sensitive corporate data is of utmost concern, just as it is anywhere in the world. The Cybersecurity Law of the People’s Republic of China was enacted in 2017 and raised more than a few North American eyebrow… more

Selling on Rakuten part one: What is Rakuten and how does it compete with Amazon in Japan?

How to sell on Rakuten and unlock Japan's market to your brand. Have you heard of Rakuten? What began in 1997 as a small online shopping hub has subsequently grown into a global brand and has quickly become one of the most popular e-commerce and fintech businesses in the world. Brands eager to sell on Rakuten recognize it as the leading e-commerce network in Japan and, as a result, a great veh… more

Expanding business to China, part one: The first 2 Steps

How to do business in China An introduction in how to do business in China through leading e-commerce platforms. Any company looking to grow its sales internationally will either already be in Asia or is giving that market serious attention. With its youth, digital savvy and affinity with mobile technologies, the Asia-Pacific region is proving to be one of the most powerful consumer markets in… more

China consumer trends in 2019

Surprising trends of Chinese consumers in 2019: what brands should know about the world's largest e-commerce market   While it's known that Chinese online consumers are some of the most well-informed and savvy in the world (with a total annual e-commerce marketplace in excess of $1 Trillion USD) what is less clear to brands is how much of that marketplace is available to them. How will a… more

Asia business landscape: The next five years

Asia’s economy has been regarded as the world’s growth engine. Due to several optimal growth factors, it accounts for 62 per cent of global GDP growth with an estimated 8.5 per cent CAGR over the next three years. Now may be the time for forward-thinking businesses to engage with China, Japan, and other APAC markets.   What did 2018 show us and what is 2019 bringing? GDP growth in Emerging A… more

Top Takeaways from 6/18 on Tmall

While shoppers in the West may be familiar with Alibaba’s “Singles Day” sale as China’s alternative to “Black Friday” to kick off the holiday season, what many do not know is that an overwhelming majority of Chinese consumers also participate the country’s annual “Mid-Year Festival”, colloquially known as “6-18”, which takes place on June 18th each year. From June 1st to the 18th each year, Chi… more

How to advertise on WeChat?

How to advertise on WeChat? As the leading social media network among Chinese consumers, there is no doubt that your brand needs to be advertising on WeChat to be effective in market. But once you’ve made the decision to establish your brand’s presence on WeChat, where do you begin? How can a brand advertise on WeChat? Setting up an account on WeChat is a great start to participating in Chines… more