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The Rise of Nordic Brands in China

Published on: May 8, 2024

Nordic brands, with their signature sleek, minimalist design and a staunch commitment to sustainability, are making quite the splash in China — a market as famously complex as it is rapidly changing. In China, there’s an escalating hunger for not just quality, but eco-friendliness too. And this isn’t just some fleeting trend. It’s a robust movement cracking open profitable opportunities for our friends from the chilly Nordic climes.

In this piece, we’re going to unpack how the iconic Nordic hallmarks — simplicity, functionality, and sustainability — are more than just fashionable buzzwords. Instead, they are strategic assets that these brands are deploying to charm and win over the Chinese market.


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The Scandinavian Fashion Invasion

In the bustling, cutthroat arena of China’s fashion industry, Scandinavian brands such as Acne Studios and Ganni are making waves. Since Acne Studios flung open the doors of its first flagship store in Beijing back in 2018, it’s become a byword for minimalist chic. The brand has spread its sleek, uncluttered style across Greater China with a growing network of outlets, wooing a sophisticated crowd that prizes both panache and planet-friendly practices.

Then there’s Ganni, a name that rings synonymous with accessible luxury. By fusing whimsical designs with that quintessential Scandinavian simplicity, Ganni is the go-to for the young and the style-savvy. These aren’t your average consumers — they’re on the hunt for fashion that packs both pizzazz and purpose, making Ganni’s collection a perfect fit.

Both brands exemplify the Scandinavian mantra of “less is more,” and it’s hitting the right notes with Chinese shoppers. This philosophy is gaining traction as China’s fashion-forward moves towards sustainable and quality-driven fashion. Plus, as global fast fashion behemoths stumble over sourcing and ethical blunders, Scandinavian names, with their commitment to conscientious crafting, are finding their principles more appealing than ever.

Acne Studios MixC Shenzhen, China

Health & Wellness is the Next Frontier

As China tunes into the health and wellness craze, there’s a growing thirst for products that seem to have sprung from nature itself. Scandinavian companies, champions of clean living and eco-friendliness, are spot on to tap into these evolving tastes.

It’s not just about peddling products. Nordic brands are selling a whole lifestyle — one that seamlessly blends health with sustainable living. Their offerings are celebrated not just for their health benefits but as pieces of a larger philosophy inspired by the pristine, unspoiled Scandinavian landscapes.

Take Fjorda, for instance — a newcomer from Norway that burst onto the scene in 2022 with its omega-3 fish oil supplements. To make a splash in the Chinese market, Fjorda teamed up with WPIC for their debut on Tmall Global, the titan of crossborder e-commerce in China. This partnership was about fine-tuning Fjorda’s brand voice, ensuring that their product pages did more than list benefits — they celebrated their values.

The Rise of Nordic Brands in China - Fjorda
"Fish oil imported from Norway. An exam essential."

Fjorda also tapped the buzzing world of Chinese social media, teaming up with top Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) across diverse sectors to secure laser-targeted exposure. And it didn’t just stop at product endorsements. By jumping into the livestreaming arena, they spin captivating stories and nurture lifestyle aspirations that resonate deeply with viewers.

This savvy mix of enchanting storytelling with a staunch commitment to purity and sustainability is hitting all the right notes with China’s eco-aware shoppers. It’s catapulting Nordic brands like Fjorda into the limelight of the rapidly growing health and wellness sector.

The Rise of Nordic Brands in China - Fjorda Tmall Livestream
Livestreaming during Tmall Global Live Relay event for China's 618 Shopping Festival

Tapping into China’s Eco-Conscious Boom

As Chinese consumers develop a keener appetite for sustainability and quality, combined with a booming middle class eager to splash out on premium products, the stage is set for Nordic brands to widen their their influence.

The shift towards a more active lifestyle in China opens doors for companies whose products champion such changes. Yet, Chinese consumers are getting choosier, and having a connection to regions famed for quality, safety, sustainability, and health — like the Nordic countries — offers a colossal leg up.

But let’s be clear, success in China isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. It demands a strategy as unique as the market itself. WPIC helps Nordic brands by crafting data-driven strategies tailored to local tastes and compliant with all regulations, boosting online sales and enhancing customer interactions.

By teaming up with WPIC, Nordic brands can tap into the vast potential of China’s swiftly shifting market.

Reach out to WPIC today to discover how our solutions can help your brand master this complex, rewarding market.

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