Cyril Ebersweiler | eCommerce Pre iPhone, Building the Worlds’s #1 Hardware Accelerator, & The Next Big Thing

In this episode of The Negotiation, we speak with a very good friend of mine, Cyril Ebersweiler, General Partner @ SOSV The Accelerator VC, who is best described as a visionary punk. We begin our conversation talking about how he ended up in China, first as an intern with Carrefour later becoming their first eCommerce Project Manager all the way back in 2002, predating the first iPhone by 5 years… more

Jacob Cooke | Special Edition Coronavirus Update

In this special and abbreviated episode of The Negotiation, we wanted to acknowledge the severity of the coronavirus outbreak in China. We first want to take a moment to send our thoughts and prayers to all who've been affected, including our own colleagues, friends and families in China, as well as any of our listeners who may be impacted or affected. At this time we also wanted to give some high… more

Sarah Kutulakos | The Rise of the Middle Class and How eCommerce Has Changed Corporate Infrastructures

In this episode of The Negotiation, we had an amazing conversation with Sarah Kutulakos, COO & Executive Director at the Canada China Business Council, Canada’s premier bi-lateral business council. After studying Chinese since the mid-80s she first headed out to Taipei, Taiwan in the early 90s before joining Kodak at a time when marketing was first coming to China. We discuss the vast change… more

Scott Silverman | Context Over Content, The Demand for Immediacy, & Experiential Marketing

In this episode of The Negotiation, we talk with Scott Silverman, currently the Director of Integrated Marketing @ The Context Collective. Scott dramatically shifted gears from morning drive radio host and sketch comedian, to joining Ogilvy in the ’90s to then be sent to Bejing with the instructions “Fix China” referring to the IBM account they managed at the time. Scott has been working in and ar… more

Lauren Hallanan | Live Commerce, Private Traffic & Idle Fish

In this episode of The Negotiation we have a really informative and high energy conversation with Lauren Hallanan, Head of Marketing @ Chatly and Author of Digital China; Working With Bloggers, Influencers & KOL’s. On today’s show, we really dive into influencer marketing in China, discussing the platforms, social media, innovation and penetration techniques. Lauren talks to us about using mic… more

Rebecca Fannin | The Race for Technology Supremacy & Alibaba Life After Jack Ma

Today on The Negotiation, Rebecca Fannin discusses the globalization of leading Chinese tech companies such as Pinduoduo, TikTok, Xiomi, and DJI. She has gained a deep understanding of the rapidly-evolving business landscape in the country, having interviewed the likes of Jack Ma, Robin Li, and many others back when their now-globally recognized brands were still in their startup days. Out of thes… more

Shawn Graham | From Politician to Chinese Business Consultant & The Importance of Building On-The-Ground Human Relationships in China

In this episode of The Negotiation, we speak with the 31st Premier of New Brunswick, Shawn Graham. Since leaving office Shawn has dedicated his career to a focus on China working with a number of businesses in China both as a partner and as a consultant to China-focused enterprises. We look back at his time as Premier leading trade missions to China, welcoming trade missions from China, and reflec… more

Doug Pearce | Chinese Megabrands, Agency Pitching Best Practices, & Using KOLs and Social Marketing in China

On this episode of The Negotiation we have Doug Pearce, the CEO of Doohken Network, based in Shanghai China, a company driving change and digitization in the China outdoor advertising industry. Doug is the former CEO of Omnicom Media Group for Greater China and is likely the only person to have run a creative agency (Leo Burnett), Media Agency (at a brand level with Starcom MediaVest Group and hol… more

William Bao Bean | China’s First Startup Accelerator, The Chinese Entrepreneur’s Modus Operandi, & SOSV’s Asia Investment Thesis

On this episode of The Negotiation, William Bao Bean discusses what makes China one of the most competitive markets in the world. He points to the quick adoption of new technologies—particularly artificial intelligence—as one of the main drivers of the country’s economic growth. We talk about entrepreneurship in China where William says it's like "Lean Startup with Chinese characteristics", the an… more

Bessie Lee | 3 Decades of Marketing in China, Marketing Technology Startups, and How AI Is Disrupting it All Everywhere

On today’s show, we talk with Bessie Lee, former CEO for WPP China, a company she spent 27 years with, and Founder at Withinlink, a China-based startup incubator and early-stage venture fund focused on marketing technology for China’s advertising, media, and communications industries. On today’s show we cover a lot of ground, discussing the 3 decades of marketing and advertising that Bessie was wi… more