Mathias Chaillou | China’s Video Platforms, Risk Tolerance of Chinese Brands, and the Changing Agency Landscape in China

In this episode of The Negotiation, we talk with Mathias Chaillou, a man with 2 decades of experience working for large multinational advertising groups like Carat, much of which was in China, and is now Global Head of Strategic Operations for Zenith, a Publicis company. On today’s show we discuss how China’s video platforms like Youku, QQ Video and iQIYI not only differ from YouTube and Netflix b… more

Todd Embley | Being An Expat Entrepreneur, Building Asia’s First Tech Accelerator, and VC Investing in China

In this episode the tables are turned and Joseph Cooke, CoFounder and President of WPIC Marketing + Technologies, takes on the role of host and puts regular host Todd Embley on the hot seat. Todd talks about launching and growing Chinaccelerator, Asia’s first and most successful tech accelerator, what the startup landscape looked like in China from 2008 to 2016, why WeChat was the greatest tool th… more

Leif Rogers and David Noel | Major Sports Brand Building in China, the Rise of Health and Fitness, and the NBA Tweet to Forget

On today's episode of The Negotiation I’m speaking with David Noel and Leif Rogers, Partners and CoFounders of Red Phoenix Entertainment, a firm that bridges American sports and entertainment with emerging markets by connecting sports stars, celebrities and musicians, with global companies and brands, helping to expand sponsorships, branding and market presence across Asia for American brands, sta… more

Milo Chao | Auto vs. Infant Milk Powder Industries, the Importance of CSR to Brand Building, and Investing in Customer Service for Chinese Consumers

On this episode of The Negotiation, we welcome Milo Chao, formerly with TBWA China for over 4 years and an Expert in Residence at Chinaccelerator, and now the Co-Founder of Chao and Cao, a Shanghai-based strategic advisory firm established to help foreign brands grow locally and Chinese brands grow internationally. Milo has over 2 decades of marketing and branding experience, much of it in China,… more

Rob Arthurs | China Import Regulations, Chinese Consumer Buying Cycles, and Using Free Trade Zones Effectively

On today’s show, we talk with Rob Arthurs, President of Robert Arthurs International, an International matchmaking firm that specializes in matching International inquiries in the agricultural space to North American companies, and helps North American companies penetrate foreign marketplaces like China with their products. Rob focuses his efforts on what he calls Agri-food, and we discuss the str… more

Elliott Zaagman | Trends from US Listed Chinese Companies and Building Partnerships in China

In this episode of The Negotiation, I speak with Elliott Zaagman, Co-Host of the China Tech Investor podcast and full-stack media producer, executive coach, and international PR consultant. Today we discuss trends in China derived from stock market activities, why so many Chinese companies choose to list on American stock exchanges, and how foreign brands can better prepare themselves for partneri… more

Stephen Drummond | China Market Complexities That Drive Brands to Reboot Timeless Creative Strategies

In this episode of The Negotiation I speak with Stephen Drummond, Owner/Operator of Campaign Coach China, about working and living in China’s heavily monitored internet ecosystem, market complexities driving brands to reboot tried, true and timeless brand creative strategies, and why foreign brands must work harder now that the cache of being foreign is quickly evaporating.… more

André-Philippe Chenail | The Multi-Sentimented Business Landscape in China and Their Leap Forward in Sophistication

Today we speak with André-Philippe Chenail, former Quebec Chapter Director of Canada China Business Council and Candidate for the St. Jean riding for the Green Party of Canada, speaking about the role of the Canada China Business Council in helping cross-cultural business relations and his time running both the Shanghai and Quebec offices, China’s leap in sophistication, and what he’s seeing as th… more