Doug Pearce | Chinese Megabrands, Agency Pitching Best Practices, & Using KOLs and Social Marketing in China

On this episode of The Negotiation we have Doug Pearce, the CEO of Doohken Network, based in Shanghai China, a company driving change and digitization in the China outdoor advertising industry. Doug is the former CEO of Omnicom Media Group for Greater China and is likely the only person to have run a creative agency (Leo Burnett), Media Agency (at a brand level with Starcom MediaVest Group and hol… more

William Bao Bean | China’s First Startup Accelerator, The Chinese Entrepreneur’s Modus Operandi, & SOSV’s Asia Investment Thesis

On this episode of The Negotiation, William Bao Bean discusses what makes China one of the most competitive markets in the world. He points to the quick adoption of new technologies—particularly artificial intelligence—as one of the main drivers of the country’s economic growth. We talk about entrepreneurship in China where William says it's like "Lean Startup with Chinese characteristics", the an… more

Bessie Lee | 3 Decades of Marketing in China, Marketing Technology Startups, and How AI Is Disrupting it All Everywhere

On today’s show, we talk with Bessie Lee, former CEO for WPP China, a company she spent 27 years with, and Founder at Withinlink, a China-based startup incubator and early-stage venture fund focused on marketing technology for China’s advertising, media, and communications industries. On today’s show we cover a lot of ground, discussing the 3 decades of marketing and advertising that Bessie was wi… more

Elizabeth Campbell | PPC West vs. East, Forming Chinese Marketing Teams, and the Value of Custom Built China Data Analytics Software

In this episode of The Negotiation, we talk with Elizabeth Campbell, Senior Director, Global Marketing Communications @ Kollmorgan, discussing her experiences working in marketing and communications within the Chinese market. Elizabeth considers the building of their digital marketing capabilities to be a “critical part of the overall growth strategy” for success in China. We dive into the pay per… more

Sally Zhang | A Masterclass in Dominating Alibaba’s Taobao eCommerce Platform

In this episode of The Negotiation, we talk with Sally Zhang, VP of E-commerce here at WPIC Marketing + Technologies. Sally knows e-commerce in China, especially Taobao, given she is one of a select few of Alibaba’s hand-picked “Taobao Lecturers” teaching vendors on Taobao how to run their stores successfully. Naturally she speaks at length on Alibaba’s recommendations to drive e-commerce on their… more

Jordan Rosenberg | Unpacking China’s Relationship With Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies

On today’s show, we talk with Jordan Rosenberg, a blockchain consultant who spent 10 years in China and is now based in South East Asia. Jordan was kind enough to come on the show to help us unpack the relationship China has with blockchain and how unique it is given the state of banking and China being a mostly cash-less society. We talk about digital payments and their impact on bitcoin and vice… more

Singles Day Recap with Hao Lin of Alibaba Cloud & Joseph Cooke of WPIC Marketing + Technologies

We pulled this episode from a recent webinar we did with Hao Lin, Head of Channel and Strategic Initiatives at Alibaba Cloud, and Joseph Cooke, President of WPIC Marketing + Technologies. We spoke about opportunities for global brands in China, the process it would need to undertake, what an ICP license is etc, as well as the broader trends that are being seen in the market today and how technolog… more

Mathias Chaillou | China’s Video Platforms, Risk Tolerance of Chinese Brands, and the Changing Agency Landscape in China

In this episode of The Negotiation, we talk with Mathias Chaillou, a man with 2 decades of experience working for large multinational advertising groups like Carat, much of which was in China, and is now Global Head of Strategic Operations for Zenith, a Publicis company. On today’s show we discuss how China’s video platforms like Youku, QQ Video and iQIYI not only differ from YouTube and Netflix b… more

Todd Embley | Being An Expat Entrepreneur, Building Asia’s First Tech Accelerator, and VC Investing in China

In this episode the tables are turned and Joseph Cooke, CoFounder and President of WPIC Marketing + Technologies, takes on the role of host and puts regular host Todd Embley on the hot seat. Todd talks about launching and growing Chinaccelerator, Asia’s first and most successful tech accelerator, what the startup landscape looked like in China from 2008 to 2016, why WeChat was the greatest tool th… more

Leif Rogers and David Noel | Major Sports Brand Building in China, the Rise of Health and Fitness, and the NBA Tweet to Forget

On today's episode of The Negotiation I’m speaking with David Noel and Leif Rogers, Partners and CoFounders of Red Phoenix Entertainment, a firm that bridges American sports and entertainment with emerging markets by connecting sports stars, celebrities and musicians, with global companies and brands, helping to expand sponsorships, branding and market presence across Asia for American brands, sta… more