The Negotiation - Crystal Tai EP 209

Canadian Brands in China & Top Chinese Fashion Trends in 2024 with Crystal Tai

In this episode of The Negotiation podcast, we’re excited to have Crystal Tai, Senior Managing Editor at Jing Daily, rejoin us for a deep dive into evolving fashion and lifestyle trends in China. 

Jing Daily is the premier source for insights into China’s digital consumption trends and luxury market, and Crystal brings her extensive expertise back to our listeners, offering a fresh perspective on what’s currently shaping the market.

Crystal updates us on the rising wave of Canadian athleisure and winterwear in China, spotlighting the success of brands like Lululemon and Canada Goose, and the growing consumer shift towards functionality over fashion. She delves into the cultural and societal shifts propelling 5 key fashion trends set to take 2024 by storm, from the resurgence of “Chinese style” to the embrace of Quiet Luxury and the nostalgic Y2K comeback.

Moreover, Crystal turns her lens towards the evolving landscape of Chinese tourism and travel, post-Covid. She offers a snapshot of where Chinese tourists are flocking to and what’s driving their travel decisions, providing a glimpse into the sector’s recovery and new hotspots on the Chinese travel radar.

Sit down with host Todd Embley and Crystal Tai as they navigate through the culture, lifestyle, and consumer behavior shaping China’s dynamic market today. This episode is a treasure trove for brands strategizing for the Chinese market or anyone fascinated by the latest trends shaping consumer preferences in China.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • The increasing popularity of Canadian athleisure and winte rwear brands in China.
  • The impact of changing lifestyles on consumer preferences in China.
  • The balance between functionality and fashion in the athleisure and winter wear market.
  • The significance of Canadian brands in China and their influence across various sectors.
  • An overview of Jing Daily as a premier source for luxury, retail, and lifestyle trends in China.
  • The 5 fashion trends set to shape 2024 and their reflection on societal changes in China.
  • The revival of the “new Chinese style” and its cultural implications.
  • Insights into trends such as Asian Baby Girl, Kidulthood, Quiet Luxury, and Y2K fashion.
  • The evolution of Chinese tourism and travel consumption post-Covid restrictions.
  • Destination preferences among Chinese tourists and the motivations behind their travel choices.
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