While organizations around the world know that the Greater Chinese market presents an array of opportunites for growth, many brands do not know how to succeed in the market beyond that. What behaviours do Chinese consumers typically engage in? What sort of tools are available for brands? How does the Great Firewall affect those? What are the strategies and specific tactics that drive growth and, ultimately, profitability?

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What key facts do organizations need to know about China’s economy and its e-commerce market?

Business forays into foreign markets require a deep understanding of both the current situation on the ground, and an ability to predict what the situation will be in the future. China’s economy is as massive and complex as the country itself, continually growing and evolving at the same time.

Here are 10 facts about China and its economy that are essential to any brand looking to do business in the Middle Kingdom.

What do I need to know about Chinese consumer habits?

Chinese consumers differ greatly from their Western counterparts in many ways. A cursory understanding of the average Chinese consumer—who is tech-savvy, detail-oriented, and relishes mobile-first capabilities—is a good start. But in order to successfully penetrate the market, brands need to understand how geography, seasonality, age and technology affect consumer behavior.

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How can a brand successfully expand into China?

A brand’s successful expansion into China depends on myriad factors. Understanding demography and cultural differences is a key component. This needs to be complemented with relevant legal and administrative components, in addition to understanding where and how your brand fits in the market.

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What is the best 3PL provider in China?

Most small and medium sized enterprises (SME) don’t have the internal resources to operate in China without outside support. Third-party logistics (3PL) companies are important partners that fill knowledge and operational gaps in warehousing, freight distribution, shipping and more.

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What do I need to know about China’s Great Firewall?

The Chinese government has built a virtual barrier between its domestic internet and that of the rest of the world. The “Great Firewall” has massive implications for Western brands looking to do business in China. Organizations must adapt to this reality in order to succeed and drive growth.

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What online business tools do not work inside the Great Firewall?

China’s firewall forces Western companies that depend on business tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Youtube to change their respective approaches. There are a host of Chinese-made and approved tools that replace the functionality and benefits of those that are not allowed inside the Great Firewall.

Deepen your understanding about which business tools do and do not work in China, and their alternatives.

How can I protect my business from cyber-security threats in China?

China’s legal, technical and regulatory systems present unique challenges for foreign brands looking to install or increase their digital presence. Protecting against a massive data breach looks different in China than it does in the West—the importance of doing so remains the same.

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Can organizations use Google Analytics in China?

Brands relying on analytics to help drive growth and brand awareness will need to adapt to doing business behind the Great Firewall. Google Analytics is not the answer in China, but there are alternatives.

Learn more about why Chinalytics® provides the most accurate and meaningful data for brands looking to get a better grasp on the Chinese market.