Move forward with industry-leading market intelligence solutions developed and deployed for the Asia Pacific market.

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Market intelligence

  • Define a China market entry strategy and move ahead of the competition with complete clarity.
  • Inform your projections and underpin your analyses with accurate, high-quality data.
  • Lean on Discripto’s market intelligence solutions, with unmatched accuracy in the China market.
  • Get the macro vision, backed by micro tactics. Identify what’s happening inside the market, so that your brand can enter with the right data to optimize and grow.

Opportunity analysis

Build an accurate China market entry strategy and use Discripto to ensure market viability and market assessment – define the opportunities that exist for your brand.

Leverage the power of data to glean accurate, actionable insights into Asia’s markets before making any moves. Discripto’s opportunity analysis provides insight around:

  • Potential and existing online revenue by channel
  • Current supply in the market
  • Customer profiles
  • And more.

Discover the opportunity for your brand in Asia with the right China market entry strategy.

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Market viability and go-to-market support

Discover your products’ market visibility. Identify the first steps for your brand to take in order to launch in a new market and on new platforms.

Powered by Discripto, WPIC’s market intelligence data solutions provide insights on Asia’s primary and secondary web, e-commerce and social platforms to identify the market viability for your brand.

Once China’s market viability is clear for your organization, WPIC’s go-to-market support solutions ensure that industry experts execute a profitable China market entry strategy on your behalf.

WPIC ensures that your brand achieves strong results and revenue growth inside the market from day one and consistently operates from a competitive advantage to drive market share and outperform the competition.

With WPIC’s go-to-market planning support, your organization will receive the following insights:

  • Targeted market penetrations
  • The buying process of your customers
  • Product path and life cycle
  • A structured demand management plan
  • Marketing and promotions opportunities
  • And more.

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Pricing intelligence

Ensure your product is priced appropriately in new markets. Lead with comprehensive pricing data from China’s leading e-commerce platforms.

Expand to new markets and avoid costly missteps.

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Custom market
research data

Across both B2B and B2C, WPIC’s data solutions provide APAC market insight into a variety of businesses and industries.

WPIC’s data is fully customizable and comprehensive, across multiple parameters- whether you need macroeconomic data, or hyper specific insights into the performance of a single brand or SKU.


Market demand

Get accurate insights into the trends and transactions occurring in the Chinese market.

By harnessing the power of Discripto, individual companies, institutional investors, and governments can access verifiable information and accurately assess what’s happening in the world’s second-largest economy at an industry, category, sub-category, and SKU level.

What’s the size of the athleisure market in Shanghai? How many cherries from Chile were sold in Beijing last month? WPIC’s market intelligence solutions answer those questions and more.

Inform your projections and underpin your analyses with accurate, high-quality data.

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Forecast and modelling

Remove the guesswork- forecast by leveraging the right solutions in the market. Mitigate risks and avoid missteps.

Accurately predict what specific market revenue growth will look like- next week, next month, next quarter and next year. Lean on WPIC’s data solutions to gain visibility into:

  • Anticipated revenues
  • Expected costs
  • Net profits
  • Cashflow
  • And more.

Powered by a custom-built, data tool hosted inside the Great Firewall, WPIC’s data solutions guarantee 99.9% accuracy. Organizations know that the Discripto-based projections they make and the tactics they implement with their China market entry strategies are based on reliable insights.

Media and traffic acquisition

You’ve entered the market- now it’s time to drive growth through effective media and traffic acquisition strategies.

Harness market intelligence data to see how each of the leading platforms drive conversions for your brand.

Then leverage those insights to drive revenue and gain market share.

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New markets present new consumer tastes and the need to develop a deep, localized connection with your customers.

Lean on WPIC data to identify which products, at a category, sub-category, and SKU level, resonate with your target market.

Use data to identify which products resonate with Chinese consumers

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