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Guest: Qin Chen

China's Booming EV Industry, AI Advances & Why Meituan Won't Be Dethroned In Local Live Services

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The Negotiation

July 19, 2023

Episode Notes

In this episode of The Negotiation podcast, we speak to Qin Chen, Managing Editor at TechNode, one of the leading media sources on China’s technology and startup scene. Qin previously worked as a reporter at the South China Morning Post’s Inkstone, and prior to that worked in the United States as a senior video producer at The New Yorker and a documentary producer at CNBC. 

In our conversation with Qin, we discuss Qin’s career trajectory, her role at TechNode, and the state of journalism and media. We talk about the growth of Chinese EV automakers and the competitive landscape of the electric vehicle industry in China. We also discuss generative AI, call out some of the most notable startups in China, and explore the raging e-commerce battles taking place as the varying platforms seem to have no hesitation in exploring each other’s core verticals. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed and Key Points:

●      Evolution and differentiation of journalism and media, both in the West and the East
●      Impact of tech giants like Facebook and Google on the media industry
●      The rise of Chinese EV automakers
●      China’s long-term planning and investment in the electric vehicle industry
●      Involvement of Baidu, Huawei, and other giants in the auto industry
●      Momentum and significance of generative AI in China’s tech industry
●      The current landscape of e-commerce in China
●      Meituan’s reputation for being willing to handle the “dirty work” and thrive on slim profit margins.
●      The maturation of the Chinese tech industry
●      Shifting focus from consumer Internet to new areas of innovation in the Chinese tech industry.

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