Singles’ Day, China’s Fashion Trends & the Rise of Chinese Designers with Denni Hu

In this episode of The Negotiation, we sit down with Denni Hu, a Shanghai-based journalist for Women’s Wear Daily (WWD), a premier fashion industry publication.

Our discussion with Denni covers a range of topics, including the latest fashion, consumer, and lifestyle trends in China. We delve into Denni’s career path, the expansion of luxury brands in China, and the intriguing interplay between fashion and food in China’s cafe pop-ups. The conversation also touches on the increasing popularity of certain sports and lifestyle trends, the widespread acceptance of yoga pants as everyday wear, and the emergence of Chinese fashion designers on the global stage. Additionally, we explore the concept store boom, the impact of user-generated content on brand promotion, and the strength of domestic brands and designers in the beauty and fashion sectors in China.

Topics discussed in this interview:

  • The resilience and growth of luxury brands in China amidst economic challenges.
  • The dynamics of China’s retail market.
  • The innovative fusion of fashion and food in China’s cafe pop-ups.
  • Trends in sports and lifestyle, including the normalization of yoga pants as everyday attire in China.
  • The rising global popularity of Chinese fashion designers.
  • The influence of user-generated content and social media on the fashion industry in China.
  • The investments needed to cultivate a brand’s aura.
  • The growing prominence of domestic brands and designers in China’s fashion and beauty sectors.
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