The Negotiation - Jacob Cooke EP 206

2024 Outlook for PDD, Douyin, Alibaba & the Chinese Consumer with Jacob Cooke

We dive into the evolving e-commerce and consumer trends in China for 2024, starting with analyzing the performance and tactics of leading e-commerce giants like Douyin, Pinduoduo, Taobao, and Tmall. What drove ByteDance’s revenue growth of 30% to $110 billion? How is Pinduoduo’s western-facing discount platform Temu adding to its incredible growth, if at all? And where does all of this leave Alibaba, the darling of e-commerce in China for over a decade?

Our discussion also touches on the influence of changing consumption patterns and consumer confidence on the market dynamics. This episode offers a comprehensive overview of China’s digital commerce landscape. Enjoy!

Topics discussed in this interview:
  •  Overview of China’s e-commerce landscape
  • Major e-commerce platforms in China
  • The rise of video in e-commerce
  • Social shopping and group buying trends
  • Established marketplaces and their innovations
  • Changing consumption norms in China
  • Consumer confidence factors
  • Predictions for the future of e-commerce in China
Award - Tmall 5 Star Partner
Award - Tmall Global 2021 TP100 Silver
Award - CCBC 2022 Gold