Guest: Yaling Jiang

US-China Cultural Similarities, Facekinis, Coffee & the Wellness Boom with Yaling Jiang

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August 16, 2023

Episode Notes

This episode of The Negotiation podcast is part two of our discussion with Yaling Jiang, Founder of “Following the Yuan,” a popular newsletter focused on Chinese consumers. Before launching her own newsletter, Yaling wrote for outlets such as SCMP, Glossy, Vogue Business, and WWD. 

In this, the back half of our interview, we talk about some trends that have common threads with the West such as “quiet quitting” and “lie flat”, as well as the comeback of buffets and the continued rise of health and wellness. We also discuss facekinis, coffee culture, scented candles and more. We conclude our chat by talking about the importance of research and development for Chinese beauty brands. Enjoy!

Topics Discussed and Key Points:
  •  “Quiet quitting” and “lie flat” trends, the comeback of buffets, and the focus on health and wellness
  • Rise of health and wellness trends in China
  • The popularity of pre-made meals and food delivery in China
  • The emergence and impact of ghost kitchens on the food industry
  • Rise of ‘facekinis’ and their influence on traditional beauty standards
  • The rise of Chinese perfume and candle brands in China
  • Rise of coffee culture in China
  • Importance of research and development for Chinese beauty brands

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