In a massive media ecosystem, Chinese content marketing is instrumental in developing buzz around a brand.

Content marketing

Tackle content in the market with a three-dimensional blueprint:

First, leverage the outsized power of thought leadership. Create buzz around little known products or brands rapidly. 

Fortunately for companies in the market, WPIC has spearheaded a number of integrated thought leadership campaigns designed to inform consumers and generate sales.

Next, lean on digital bulletin boards in China. 

WPIC employs a number of online media partners and fan sites to effectively promote brands to key target markets.Last, by building custom games within social platforms, integrating QR codes for coupons and prizes, and measuring results through social listening tools and analytics, your brand can achieve measurable, consistent growth on the platforms most directly tied to consumer activity and buzz.

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KOL programming

The key opinion leader (KOL) is a mainstay of Chinese media and marketing strategy. 

These influencers have tens of thousands of followers and significantly influence consumer sentiment towards your brand, ultimately driving purchases.

WPIC’s China KOL marketing team understands which influencers engage on which platforms and how best to activate them to speak directly to your customers. 

Regardless of your media budget, WPIC sources and recommends the most cost-effective and profitable associations for your brand. Get creative with your China KOL marketing and your content strategy.

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